Subway Series Tickets 55 Percent Cheaper than Last Year


New York’s famous subway series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets starts in less than two weeks and prices are much cheaper than last season. The interleague matchup is one of the highlights on May’s MLB schedule and the Mets are already reaching out to #TRUENEWYORKERS ahead of the Subway Series with the Yankees.

2014’s Subway Series will stop at Yankee Stadium (capacity 49,642) for two games May 12 and 13 before heading to Citi Field for two games May 14 and 15. Last year’s cross-town rivalry series began in Flushing then traveled to the Bronx and was scheduled May 27-30. At the beginning of the month, 2013 Subway Series tickets averaged $183 but prices were down from the past four years. In 2014, we are seeing the same price trend as tickets for the Subway Series are even cheaper (averaging $118).

Game 2 at Yankee Stadium (Tuesday) is the cheapest, with an average price of $102. Game 2 at Citi Field (Thursday) is the most expensive, boasting an average ticket price of $155. The cross town rivals only play during the week (Mon-Thurs) and just four games, both of which are contributing to the drop in demand of Yankees-Mets Subway Series tickets.

Subway Series Tickets Avg. Price 2013 Avg. Price 2014
Yankee Stadium Gm 1 $182.73 $108.08
Yankee Stadium Gm 2 $168.17 $102.34
Citi Field Gm 1 $184.79 $121.08
Citi Field Gm 2 $180.37 $154.95

The average price of New York Yankees tickets for the remainder of the season is $141 and tickets to May’s Yankees-Mets rivalry game are among the cheapest in the Bronx this season averaging $108 and $102 respectively. On the secondary market, the cheapest ticket is $21 for the two games at Yankees Stadium.

On the contrary, Subway Series games at Citi Field (capacity 41,922) are among the priciest on the New York Mets schedule. The average price of New York Mets tickets is $98 and May’s Mets-Yankees prices are averaging $121 and $154. Behind May 20 and 22 home games against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the final Subway Series game in Queens is the next most expensive Mets game in the 2014 season. The cheapest ticket is $43 for the two games at Citi Field. Last season, the Mets swept the Subway Series for the first time in history and fans are highly anticipating this year’s showdown (evident by the higher average price of Subway Series tickets at Citi Field vs. Yankee Stadium).

Image Credit: Ron Antonelli (Daily News)

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One comment on “Subway Series Tickets 55 Percent Cheaper than Last Year
  1. Charlie Phillips says:

    New York New York,where are the stars for this series? Jeter and Tanaka but the Mets have no one. Who wants to pay $100 plus on the average for a ticket for that. Give me the stars i will pay no stars i can watch it on the YES channel.

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