2014 Concert Explosion: Recently Announced Tours


Ahhh, concerts, nothing like going to see your favorite musician, singer or band and hearing their music live.  And who doesn’t remember their first concert?  Though I remember going to some with my Mom as a kid, my first with just me and friends was U2 at the old Hollywood Sportatorium in South Florida.  It was awesome of course and leaves me (as I assume all U2 fans are) waiting anxiously for their next album and corresponding tour.

2014 has started with a lot of tours being announced for music fans of all ages and music types.  As I was tasked with this assignment I was hoping U2, Depeche Mode and Oasis would be a part of the list but alas they are not. U2 might be touring fairly soon, Depeche recently toured and who knows if the Gallagher brothers will ever reunite.  So, here is a little on the top tours that were recently announced.

5 Seconds of Summer: First thought when I hear this band’s name is, come on; we need more than 5 seconds of the best season!  Or are they just from the Arctic and that’s all they get?  Well in fact they are Australian and the band hit it big as a You Tube and online sensation with a little help from One Direction.  Their quick US tour will hit 10 venues in April before they open for One Direction across the US and Canada from August-October.  They have caused more than 5 seconds of pain for parents looking for tickets for their kids, but despite what you may have heard both tours still have great seats at reasonable prices. 5 Second of Summer tickets are averaging $320 while One Direction tickets are similarly priced at $346.

Rod Stewart: Something for the slightly older than teen crowd, the iconic crooner has recently retired from playing soccer for his men’s amateur team (and some of you thought I wouldn’t be able to sneak anything about soccer into this article) but thankfully for his music fans he won’t stop performing on stage.  He continues his stint at Caesars Palace in Vegas from April to May before teaming up with fellow Rock N Roll Hall of Famers, Santana for a tour through the US from May to August.  Hot-Rod continues to be a hot ticket as the average price for Rod Stewart tickets is just behind 5SOS (that’s 5 Seconds of Summer for you older folk) at $229 per seat (down 5% since the tour announcement).  I’ve been to his show and he’s a legend for a reason, he seems to make the ladies swoon.

Lionel Richie: Hello, 1984, is it me you’re looking for?  No but the balladeer has announced a summer North American tour where fans can dance “All Night Long” to his many hits.  Lionel Richie tickets are averaging $169/seat, maybe a little more if you want to sit next to his daughter Nicole.

Jason Mraz: The talented singer and musician kicks off his tour of California with 11 dates in the month of March, plus a quick trip up the I-5 for a show in Eugene, Oregon on March 29th (I’m sure he will fly though).  If you are wondering about his cool last name, it means “frost” in Czech…get it?  Yes or no, you can get Jason Mraz tickets for the same average price as Lionel Richie’s tour at $169 a pop.

Hunter Hayes: This young country music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, hits the road starting March 15th with 22 dates across the US.  The average price of Hunter Hayes tickets is only $109 to see the young Grammy nominee.  No need to buy me a ticket, I’ll pass but it’s cool he has two last names.

Panic! at the Disco: If you like your rock bands with musical influences from the 60s and to fall within multiple genres, you will enjoy seeing them live as their musical style has been influenced by great bands; the band members’ parents listened to The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Kinks.  Their genre has been described as everything from rock, pop punk, emo, electric and even vaudeville…who doesn’t love vaudeville?!  Their next tour has been announced and Panic at the Disco tickets are available for this summer at some cool venues including The Theater at MSG, Pier 6 Pavilion in Baltimore, Mizner Park Amphitheatre in Boca Raton and the Greek Theatre in LA.  On another note, a certain Razorgator staffer, who shall remain anonymous here but is from Vegas just like the band, stated, “I can’t like a band that has an exclamation point after the 1st word in their name!”  I don’t think that will matter to their fans though.

Tegan and Sara: Indie rock twin sisters from Canada…say no more, eh!  These singer-songwriters have their own US tour from March to late June.  Then they open up for Katy Perry starting in September in Vancouver and continue with shows in various US cities.  The average price of Tegan and Sara tickets is only $84 to see them on their tour.  If you like a little more than just music during your live shows, these girls are known for entertaining the audience with their banter including stories about their childhood, politics and life on the road.  And they have put in some serious miles since they started touring after high school and I’m sure they have some great stories about some of the other bands they have toured with including Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams, the Black Keys, The Killers and Fun.

Neon Trees: I just got hungry…know why?  The band got their name from the lighted trees on the In-and-Out Burger signs, the highly popular burger and fries franchise that started in California and is ever-expanding.  The alternative rock band hit it big after opening for The Killers and with their recently announced 3rd album they will tour from May to July across the US, even in some cities that do not have In-and-Out Burger.  You can save some cash to splurge on a shake from In-and-Out on your way to the show as Neon Trees tickets are averaging only $77.

What shows do you want to see this year?

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