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Super Bowl Tickets 2014 - MetLife Stadium
The countdown has begun for the final NFL game of the 2013-14 season — are you ready to get your hands on the Holy Grail of NFL tickets? Whether you’re looking to score cheap Super Bowl tickets or want to sit in the best seats in the house at MetLife Stadium, we’ve got all the Super Bowl 2014 tickets info you need.

Super Bowl Tickets 2014 Prices at MetLife Stadium

Super Bowl 2014 Ticket Prices Average Cheapest Tickets Most Expensive Tickets
2014 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLVIII $3,847 $2,042 (Upper End Zone) $871,319 (Suite)

*Table updated 1/19/14

The average cost of Super Bowl tickets hovered around $3,343 two weeks ago when the Wild Card games were determined. When the Divisional round matches were announced, prices showed a slight increase to $3,452. Now that the Conference title games are set, tickets have risen again, to $3,847 on average — up $395 since last Monday. Super Bowl 2014 ticket prices will likely peak Sunday, immediately following the Conference Championship games. At recent Super Bowls, some tickets dropped in price Super Bowl Week, depending on last-minute demand and seat location.

Cheap Super Bowl Tickets 2014 at MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium Seating Area Price Range
super-bowl-2014-cheap-tickets-upper-end-zone Upper End Zone $2,042 – $5,675
super-bowl-2014-cheap-tickets-upper-corner Upper Corner $2,241 – $3,585
super-bowl-2014-cheap-tickets-upper-sideline Upper Sideline $2,440 – $9,957
super-bowl-2014-cheap-tickets-upper-prime Upper Prime $2,739 – $4,527
super-bowl-2014-cheap-tickets-mezzanine-upper-end-zone Mezzanine Upper End Zone $2,684 – $3,873

*Table updated 1/19/14

Chances are if you’re looking for Super Bowl tickets, you’re also looking to ease the hole that will be burning in your pocket, and we’ve got you covered with the best selection of Super Bowl 2014 tickets at the most affordable secondary market price from the end zones to the 50-yard line. Today, the cheapest Super Bowl XLVIII tickets are located in the Upper End Zone for $2,042 (down $199 since 1/16/14). Upper Corner tickets cost $2,241 (down $124) per ticket, followed by Upper Sideline tickets at $2,440 (down $100) and Upper Prime tickets at $2,838 (down $99). Super Bowl tickets in the Mezzanine Upper End Zone at MetLife Stadium start at $2,684 (down $154) and are a great find on the (relatively) inexpensive end.  Cheap Super Bowl Tickets 2014

Super Bowl Ticket Trends 2014

The average amount of money fans are spending on Super Bowl 2014 tickets is up 17% compared to last year, with 50% of Super Bowl tickets purchased by New York and New Jersey residents. When are most people buying Super Bowl tickets? In 2013, most fans purchased tickets an average of 21 days before Super Bowl XLVII. Of the remaining Super Bowl tickets sold, 30% were purchased Super Bowl Week and 1.5% Super Bowl Weekend. Last year, right after the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games, 49ers and Ravens fans paid an average of $4,147; average ticket prices dropped the Monday (6 days) before the Super Bowl to $3,426 and to $2,557 the Friday (2 days) before Super Bowl Sunday on the resale market. Can you imagine what Super Bowl XLVIII tickets would have looked like had the two home-town rivals Jets and Giants been playing Feb 2?

Super Bowl Price Trends History Opponents After
Wild Card
2014 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks/Broncos $3,452 $3,847 $4,027
2013 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLVII 49ers/Ravens $7,596 $6,270 $4,147
2012 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLVI Giants/Patriots $4,176 $4,130 $4,335
2011 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLV Packers/Steelers $7,103 $11,930 $6,710
2010 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLIV Colts/Saints $6,126 $4,005 $3,658

*Table updated 1/19/14

Curious to know who’s searching for Super Bowl 2014 tickets? Football may be an American sport, but people all over the world are on the hunt for Super Bowl tickets. NFL fans from 32 countries have viewed Super Bowl tickets this year, with 85% of the total pool from the US. Can you guess where the highest concentration of Super Bowl ticket hunters is in 2014? Yep, 26% are viewing from the New York/New Jersey area, followed by an optimistic Seahawks nation at 12% in Washington and Oregon. Of the rest, 11% from California and 5% from Patriots fans in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire combined. Broncos fans seem unsure of Manning leading the team to Super Bowl XLVIII, with only 1.5% of Super Bowl ticket searches coming from Colorado. Within California, it comes as no surprise that 42% of fans looking at Super Bowl tickets are from Los Angeles (so why don’t we have a team yet?!) and 23% are from the San Francisco area, hoping the Niners will be there waiting for them at MetLife Stadium.

When To Buy Super Bowl Tickets 2014

Over the next couple of days the Super Bowl market should be calm, at an average of $3,847 per ticket. After each playoff round 2014 Super Bowl tickets have escalated in price. Usually the days immediately following the third round of playoffs (once the two Super Bowl teams are determined), tickets rise to their highest price and then gradually drop off. The same will likely happen again this year.

The possibility of snow is great for locals who are willing to stick it out to save some money. If the cold turns to freezing the week of the game, prices could fall. Still, playing the waiting game is a major gamble — the selection will be extremely limited (with far fewer tickets to go around you may have to sit alone) and distribution of tickets (shipping and delivery) could be impacted by weather conditions or other circumstances. So to reiterate: don’t wait too long! The days before the Super Bowl (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) might offer the cheapest ticket prices, but between flights, hotel bookings and a possible snowstorm, it’s better to play it safe purchasing Super Bowl tickets this year — especially considering many ticket buyers are located across the country.

How To Get Super Bowl Tickets 2014

We saw three cold-weather markets — Philadelphia, Green Bay and Cincinnati struggle to sell their tickets in the Wild Card round because of the cold, but don’t expect the same thing to happen for Super Bowl XLVIII. Every year, unless you’re a lucky Super Bowl raffle winner, most teams’ fans have to buy Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market.

Avoid the nightmare story and always buy Super Bowl tickets from legitimate vendors, like Razorgator. We guarantee all Super Bowl 2014 tickets will be authentic and delivered on time. In addition to our A+ BBB rating, our customers appreciate the world-class service every day too. All Super Bowl tickets are “hard tickets,” meaning digital delivery (printing them out at home) won’t be available. Super Bowl orders ship via FedEx and require a signature. In some cases, local pickup arrangements will be made, or tickets delivered to your hotel if you’re traveling to New York or New Jersey! View the chart below and visit our FAQ’s for more information on purchasing and receiving your Super Bowl orders.

Razorgator’s Super Bowl Shipping Options Cost
FedEx Overnight Morning (to Hotel or Home) $19.95
FedEx Overnight Afternoon (to Hotel or Home) $16.95
Local Pickup (from FedEx site, Seller)* $0.00
FedEx International $45
FedEx Canada $24.95

* In some cases, when tickets can’t be shipped, local pickup will be available.

Super Bowl Tickets 2014 Seating Chart at MetLife Stadium

To start, there were around 80,000 Super Bowl tickets, but after the lottery and distribution to NFL teams and sponsors, fewer than 3,000 tickets remain. If you’re searching for Super Bowl tickets, you probably already know where to find the cheapest seats and what sections have the best view, but for those who don’t, let’s break down MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. Upper sections (300 level) are lowest-priced and mid-level sections (200 level end zone and corners) offer a premier view without breaking the bank. 100 level seats will put you closest to the action and facilities, but you’ll be paying for it. The priciest, most sought-after seats in the house, are the suites and club lounges, which will provide covered areas, premium amenities and a luxury experience. Behind both end zones, the very final rows (36 to 45) in sections 121-131, 101-106, and 146-149 are situated under an overhang that covers the seats. You may catch angry stares from jealous onlookers getting doused in snow, but that’s a small sacrifice to pay for feeling oh so dry.
Super Bowl Seating Chart

Super Bowl 2014 Gameday at MetLife Stadium

If you’re one of the many die-hard fans in the nation, you would probably give anything to see your team duke it out on the field to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy up high, no matter distance or weather, and the NFL committee knows this. Looking out for fan safety, the NFL has restricted walking to the Super Bowl in addition to banning tailgating in the parking lot due to cold conditions. Tailgating is an integral part of the football tradition, and you may do so in your car and immediately surrounding it; hey, it’s better than missing the game due to frostbite. An extremely limited number of parking passes (priced in the hundreds) are available, so get them quick. With fewer than 13,000 spaces available to spectators, Super Bowl XLVIII CEO Al Kelly anticipates between 70-80% of all ticket holders will get to the game via public transportation or one of the many shuttle bus opportunities. This year isn’t heralded the “first mass transit Super Bowl” for nothing. Why waste time with traffic or worry about parking? Taking the train is a suitable (and warm) alternative, or pay a reasonable sum for an NFL “Fan Express” shuttle buses (picking up in and around New York and New Jersey) and party with fans on the way there. Each hotel in the area should provide shuttles to pick-up locations. NJ Transit intends to offer a Super Pass that will carry you across all trains, light rail and bus services for only $50, a steal especially if you plan on filling your day with other activities.

Super Bowl 2014 Events and Attractions In New York and New Jersey

Despite the weather and the fact that MetLife is an open stadium, there are certainly major perks to making the trip out to New York and New Jersey, it being one of the most vivacious locations in the nation to visit — and perhaps a more stimulating surrounding urban center than New Orleans last year. The great thing about both New York and New Jersey co-hosting SB 2014, is there will be ample night life to energize you before the game and celebrate your team’s victory (or mourn your team’s loss) afterwards. So, even if the Jersey Meadowlands are covered under a blanket of snow, you’re just one train hop away from the Big Apple with attractions the whole family can enjoy.

Events and Parties Dates Cost Location
Super Bowl Boulevard 1/29-2/1/14 Free Broadway b/w 34th and 47th Streets
DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl 2/1/14 Free Pier 40, Hudson River Park
Celebrity Flag Football Challenge 1/31/14 $20 – $395 Soccer Coliseum, Teaneck
Super Bowl Media Day 1/28/14 $32 Prudential Center, Newark
Super Bowl Gospel Celebration 1/31/14 $58.95-$172.30 Madison Square Garden
ESPN Super Bowl Party 1/31/14 $1554-$2000 Pier 36, Hudson River Park
Bud Light Hotel NY 1/30-2/2/14 Raffle Pier 88, Hudson River Park
VH1 Super Bowl Blitz 1/27-2/1 Raffle/On Sale Soon The 5 boroughs and NJ

The hottest event of the week has been dubbed the “Best Super Bowl Party Ever”: a 4-night (Jan 30-Feb 2) spectacular along the Hudson River at the Bud Light Hotel NY. The cruise ship will be docked at Pier 88 and boasts a dazzling lineup including Imagine Dragons, RUN DMC, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Busta Rhymes, and Zac Brown Band. Another high-profile VIP exclusive event, the ESPN Super Bowl Party, will host Robin Thicke, Kendrick Lamar and more. Six more artists will be performing in and around NYC, for the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz: including J. Cole, Janelle Monae, Fall Out Boy, TLC, Goo Goo Dolls and Gavin DeGraw. Whatever you do, don’t miss Times Square where you can walk (for free!) along the gigantic Super Bowl Boulevard with kid-friendly football themed attractions, autographs and photo opportunities to gear the entire family up for the big game (Jan 29- Feb 1). For those feeling spiritual, the always-fun Super Bowl Gospel Celebration with Patti Labelle and the NFL Players Choir will commence on Jan 31, and of course the Celebrity Flag Football Challenge Feb 1 at Soccer Coliseum in Jersey is a can’t-miss event, with NFL quarterback Doug Flutie and Nelly going head to head. Ever wanted to be present at a sports press conference or pre-game interview? A limited number of spectators will get to see the two teams get interviewed by hundreds of media personnel from around the world on Super Bowl Media Day in New Jersey. The Celebrity Beach Bowl sounds like fun, with NFL alumni (Joe Montana, LaDainian Tomlinson) play against stars like Guy Fieri and Tracy Morgan, afterwards Paramore performs. Get there early because this event is free!

Food and Tailgate Recommendations Publication
4 Hours, 4 Super Bowl Meals with Guy Fieri Associated Press
Taste of the NFL
The New Jersey Experience
Official NFL Tailgate Party The Big Game Experience
Celebrity Chef Tailgate Cookoff
Newark’s Largest Indoor Tailgate Party Newark Museum
Super Bowl Breakfast

Everybody knows Super Bowl Sunday is a day to eat your weight in food, so what better city to pig-out in than the Big Apple? With more than enough delicious options to warm your belly for days between the two cities, you can enjoy a winner, winner chicken dinner wherever you go.  Visit Newark’s Largest Indoor Tailgate, with visits from Hall of Famers, barbecue, beer and a chance to see the original Lombardi Trophy. Watch your favorite chefs duke it out at the Celebrity Chef Tailgate Cookoff, or eat like the pros when you visit Taste of the NFL and dine on food made by NFL team chefs. What if you get hungry during the game? MetLife’s “Home Food Advantage” food court offers a variety of flavors (American, Mexican, Asian, Italian) with local roots, while club and suite ticketholders will receive a delicious luxury premium menu. The top acts during Super Bowl week are the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing A Big Hello to Brooklyn and on night of the “Piano Man” Billy Joel’s residency at MSG. Hit a home-run on Broadway with the Bronx Bombers, a highly lauded play that tells the story of the famed great New York Yankees players of old. After all, just because the week is all about football doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the other amazing sports the East Coast has to offer! Score tickets at Madison Square Garden for the Super Bowl Sunday Basketball Double Header (St. Johns vs. Marquette) and later that night NY Knicks vs. Miami Heat (Feb 1). In Brooklyn at the new Barclays Center, the Victor Ortiz vs. Luis Collazo UFC fight occurs Jan 30 and the Brooklyn Nets vs. OKC Thunder tip-off is the following night Jan 31. If a bit of snowfall doesn’t scare you, join the thousands of stalwart hockey fans attending the widely popular NHL Stadium Series tradition, for two rivalry games at Yankee Stadium: New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils  (Jan 26) and New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders (Jan 29). Talk about cold-weather outdoor games! With so much fun going on during Super Bowl weekend, below we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Super Bowl Week Events leading up to the game:

Date Top 10 Super Bowl Week Events Venue Avg. Price
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-knicks 2/1/14 New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat Madison Square Garden $830.11
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-billy-joel 1/27/14 Billy Joel Madison Square Garden $406.62
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-chili-peppers 2/1/14 Red Hot Chili Peppers Barclays Center $369.64
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-rangers 1/31/14 New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders Madison Square Garden $349.22
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-ufc 2/1/14 UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Prudential Center $303.20
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-nets 1/31/14 Brooklyn Nets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Barclays Center $226.63
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-bronx-bombers 1/28/14-2/1/14 Bronx Bombers Circle in the Square $216.10
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-rangers 1/29/14 New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders Yankee Stadium $199.99
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-knicks 1/30/14 New York Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Madison Square Garden $198.11
super-bowl-2014-top-10-new-york-events-knicks 1/28/14 New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics Madison Square Garden $191.83

What’s the biggest event of Super Bowl weekend? The Bruno Mars Pepsi Halftime show, of course! The “Locked Out of Heaven” singer recently invited the Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform with him on game day, so buckle up for what’s sure to be a rockin’ ride! If you’re still looking for more to do, visit The Official New York City Guide to get the local scoop on arts, culture, dining, entertainment & nightlife.

Super Bowl 2014 Weather

The fact Super Bowl 2014’s logo is fixed with a snowflake in the middle should give you some inclination of what the weather will be like. In fitting coincidence, the Super Bowl is scheduled on Groundhog Day for the first time ever. Unfortunately Punxatawney Phil can’t come out sooner to predict the weather forecast in East Rutherford on February 2, but Farmer’s Almanac did predict something along the lines of a “Storm Bowl” or “Ice Bowl,” presaging a freezing and atypically cold winter season in the Northeast this year. Still, if Peyton Manning can prove the cold is no hindrance in his ability, if Colin Kaepernick can wear short sleeves up in Green Bay, and if Drew Brees and company were willing to travel away from the comfort of the Superdome, then so can you!

Nike may have the players covered, but once you secure your Super Bowl tickets, the NFL has your back the rest of the way, even in the coldest conditions: free gloves, hand warmers, ear muffs, lip balm, tissues and more will be provided with each seat. MetLife is also equipped with snow-melting machines that can melt 600 tons of snow in an hour. Never afraid to voice his opinions, Shutdown Corner Richard Sherman of the Seahawks wrote an article called “The Cold Truth” about potentially playing in a snowy Super Bowl game. The media may be inflating the cold-weather drama: AccuWeather’s own (specifically made for Super Bowl 2014) predicted a high of 35 degrees and a low of 25 degrees with a 35% chance of snowfall. So yes, dress warm, but for now the forecast hardly registers numbers low enough to deem this year the “Blizzard Bowl.”

Super Bowl 2014 News

This season has already been a record-braking one for the NFL, so make sure you stay up to date with all the news revolving the most exciting sporting event of the year!

  • A ranking of the best potential Super Bowl matchups 1/7/14 “With 16 potential matchups for our first cold-weather outdoor Super Bowl in New Jersey next month still in play, here’s our ranking of their sizzle factor, from most intriguing to least appealing, and a quick tease of a storyline or two for each of them. As always, your results may vary when it comes to the level of heat that these Super Bowl matchups generate.”
  • Which darkhorse team can take the title? 1/6/14 “With just eight teams left, projections for Super Bowl XLVIII can be made in earnest. While doing so in the preseason and during midseason is always a fun exercise, the truth is that such predictions are essentially grounded in guesswork.”
  • Are Super Bowl commercials really that important? 1/6/14 “The Super Bowl isn’t important only to football fans. For the advertising industry, it’s also the most-watched event of the year. But while football fanatics may get their money’s worth, some marketers shelling out upwards of $4 million for a 30-second commercial may be on the losing end of the game.”
  • A Ravens’ Super Bowl ring is being sold at auction 1/7/14 “For most NFL players, a Super Bowl ring would be the last thing they’d sell.The ring is the symbol of a life goal, winning a championship. But not every player feels the same attachment to the ring. The ring might mean more to a star quarterback or longtime veteran starter than it would to a player who was on injured reserve all season”

Official Super Bowl 2014 News

Want more on Super Bowl 48? Check out these official pages: Official Super Bowl XLVIII: Official NFL Playoffs: Official Super Bowl Committee:

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Who will be making confetti- or snow- angels this year?

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