No Coupon Necessary: $5 NBA Games


This month it doesn’t have to be Black Friday for you to be a savings superstar, as some of the hottest NBA teams are offering tickets that cost as much as a Subway footlong sandwich (cue the $5 jingle). That’s right, snag a seat to watch your favorite teams on the court that’s cheaper than parking—no coupon necessary!

Friends and family only have to dish out a Lincoln to catch an Indiana Pacers game, despite their scorching start. The team is leading in the Central division by 4 games and subsequently, there has been a 17% increase in ticket prices on their season. See the Pacers host division rivals, the Detroit Pistons for a mere $4 on 12/16/13.

You can catch another blazing division leader at home under $5: the San Antonio Spurs offer games as low as $1 in the month of December as they try and widen the gap on their lead in the Southwest. Tickets to see Southwest division players are by far the cheapest on our list. You can catch all the SW teams for under $5 in a number of games, and even watch three division games in December for next to nothing: $2 for Mavericks at Pelicans (12/4/13), $5 for Pelicans at Grizzlies (12/13/13), and $4 for Grizzlies at Mavericks (12/18/13).

Though the bulk of our teams listed under $5 are generally sitting with losing seasons, there are plenty of hot teams you can catch on the road for under $5 such as the Portland Trail Blazers who are very affordable while visiting lesser teams. Additionally, squads that saw a huge surge in ticket prices this year are still hiding lowball games: the Charlotte Bobcats, Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz have the most games priced at or under $5 in our data, even though these teams rose 92%, 158% and 157%, respectively. Unsurprisingly, two of the three teams in the NBA that saw an overall decrease in ticket price this year can be found on our list (the third drop being the Los Angeles Lakers): Cleveland Cavaliers, and Denver Nuggets all have games under $5 in December.

Do yourself a favor and shower loved ones with the perfect holiday gift of an NBA ticket—and hey, no one has to know how little you shelled out. But a word of caution: on the whole, the cost of attending an NBA game has increased 45% this season, so get your favorites for $5 while you can!

Date Home Away Min. Price
12/2/13 San Antonio Spurs Atlanta Hawks $1.00
12/2/13 Utah Jazz Houston Rockets $5.00
12/2/13 Washington Wizards Orlando Magic $1.00
12/3/13 Dallas Mavericks Charlotte Bobcats $2.00
12/3/13 Memphis Grizzlies Phoenix Suns $2.00
12/4/13 New Orleans Pelicans Dallas Mavericks $2.00
12/4/13 Utah Jazz Indiana Pacers $4.00
12/6/13 Washington Wizards Milwaukee Bucks $4.00
12/9/13 Memphis Grizzlies Orlando Magic $2.00
12/9/13 Utah Jazz Portland Trailblazers $5.00
12/9/13 Washington Wizards Denver Nuggets $3.00
12/11/13 Charlotte Bobcats Phoenix Suns $3.00
12/11/13 Minnesota Timberwolves Brooklyn Nets $3.00
12/11/13 New Orleans Pelicans Detroit Pistons $4.00
12/13/13 Detroit Pistons Brooklyn Nets $5.00
12/13/13 New Orleans Pelicans Memphis Grizzlies $5.00
12/13/13 San Antonio Spurs Minnesota Timberwolves $5.00
12/14/13 Utah Jazz San Antonio Spurs $5.00
12/15/13 Denver Nuggets New Orleans Pelicans $5.00
12/15/13 Detroit Pistons Portland Trailblazers $4.00
12/15/13 Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves $2.00
12/16/13 Indiana Pacers Detroit Pistons $4.00
12/17/13 Charlotte Bobcats Sacramento Kings $5.00
12/17/13 Cleveland Cavaliers Portland Trailblazers $4.00
12/18/13 Dallas Mavericks Memphis Grizzlies $4.00
12/18/13 Minnesota Timberwolves Portland Trailblazers $4.00
12/20/13 Dallas Mavericks Toronto Raptors $4.00
12/23/13 San Antonio Spurs Toronto Raptors $4.00
12/27/13 New Orleans Pelicans Denver Nuggets $5.00

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