Top Concerts in November

So far, the fall concert season has been explosive—and it’s about to get even better—because November is packed with the most music punch, we’ve seen all year. With a bustling schedule of some of music’s hottest acts, we thought we’d help out and compile the Top Concerts in November with insider knowledge from the ticket market! Normally we segment our lists regionally, but this time we ranked artists by their overall ticket demand across the nation. Our calculations were based on: ticket sales, how often someone searched for the artist’s tickets in Google, how many times people visited the artists page on our website, the number of shows the artist is performing in November, and how much inventory was available on our site (with emphasis in that order). In other words, we gave a higher ranking to the sales figures than we did the available inventory. This left us with some heavy hitters like Pink, Elton John, Eagles, John Mayer, Drake and many more of music’s finest acts.

Clear your schedules because we’ve got the days you should mark off your calendar. See our list of the top shows you can’t miss in November!

Top 5 Concerts
Event # Shows Avg Price Cheapest Show Most Expensive Show
Justin Timberlake 14 $332 $157 – Hartford, CT $576 – Anaheim, CA
Eagles 12 $297 $138 – Montreal, QC $581 – Miami, FL
Selena Gomez 18 $273 $168 – St. Louis, MO $807 – San Antonio, TX
Michael Buble 12 $250 $115 – Portland, OR $372 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Drake 18 $232 $167 – Sacramento, CA $507 – Miami, FL

The overall winner for hottest ticket on the market is *drumroll please* Justin Timberlake. No big surprise there, as the multi-talented artist is on tour to support the release of two No.1 albums, The 20/20 Experience- Parts 1 & 2. Some are calling his 20/20 Experience World Tour the Concert of the Year, and it shows—seats average at $332 domestically. His most expensive show falls on the day before Thanksgiving, when he hits the Honda Center in Anaheim, California: tickets average $576. Conversely, his cheapest show comes early in the month on Nov 7 in Hartford, CT: tickets for that show are just $157.

Trailing J.T., is six-time Grammy Award Winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, the Eagles (avg $297), whose most expensive show is higher than Timberlake’s: $581 in Miami, FL Nov 22. Hear Don Henley and company’s unforgettable guitar skills as they play “Hotel California” and rock out to “Life in the Fast Lane” in New York when they hit Madison Square Garden early in the month (Nov 8-11). If you’re from LA, fans will have to wait until January for them to take over The Forum for six nights (Jan 15-25).

Disney sweetheart Selena Gomez is all grown up and sashaying across the country on her Stars Dance Tour, in support of her debut solo album of the same name. Fans are itching to catch her on what might be her last concert in a while, as the starlet hopes to accomplish more on the big screen. She ranks third, with average prices ranging from $169 (Nov 17, St. Louis, MO) to a staggering $807 (Nov 1, San Antonio, TX) for opening night —the most expensive night of any concert on our list.

Right behind Gomez is Michael Bublé, who considers himself an “old school entertainer” and always performs his playfully pop and smooth jazz set around the holidays. Bublé will hit major cities across the nation, solely in the month of November, before crooning his way across Europe. His tickets are $250 on average, and reach upwards of $372 for his Nov 2 show in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Rounding out the top five is rapper/singer Drake, on his Would You Like A Tour? He went head to head against Justin Timberlake, when we compared their tours and albums last month. Dubbed the voice of his generation, Drake has become rap and hip-hop’s biggest musical act, with his third straight No.1 album Nothing Was the Same, and surpassing both Kanye West and Jay-Z for most in-demand hip-hop concert. Snag a $71 ticket in Sacramento, CA (Nov 18) for his cheapest night, or dish out $507 to see him in Miami for his priciest concert (Nov 5).

Following the top five are some other amazing acts that you won’t want to miss. Pink is close behind at $227 on average, while Latin super star Alejandro Fernadez’s 7 US shows average at $215. Both Elton John and Nine Inch Nails are playing 13 shows this month. The industrial rock group, fronted by talented artist Trent Reznor, is on their Tension 2013 tour, in conjunction with new album Hesitation Marks. Nine Inch Nails are crashing into Vegas for two nights of angst-fueled fury before traveling up to Canada. Next year, they will co-headline with Queens of the Stone Age across Australia, as they have not toured since 2009. The legendary Elton John, on the other hand, is the gift that keeps on giving. Perpetually on stage with his Vegas “Million Dollar Piano” residency, gracing audiences with his piano playing and legendary melodies, the “Tiny Dancer” singer is following last years Greatest Hits Tour with another, this one concurring with his 30th album, The Diving Board. Tickets are $216 on average to witness the icon in a city near you, before he jumps over to Europe in December.


Hip-hop and R&B figures frequent our list. Outside the top five are Kanye West, John Legend, and Macklemore, who are all playing 15-20 shows in the month of November. West’s Yeezus tour, with special guest Kendrick Lamar averages $171 across the country, with just $81 on average in Denver, CO (Nov 3). Hear nine-time Grammy Award winning artist John Legend ’s soulful vocals for $166 on average, as he plays hit song “All of Me” from his new album, Love in the Future. “Thrift Shop” rapper Macklemore will bring on the party with his Fall World Tour, hyping up the stage with Ryan Lewis for as low as $66 in Houston, TX, his most affordable night.

Solo artist Chris Cornell (formerly of Soundgarden and Audioslave) brings on the grunge this November at $153 on average. Likewise, John Mayer is taking his guitar and trekking the states at $140 on average. And we can’t forget about “alt rock iconoclasts” Pearl Jam. Their concerts are known as one of the best live rock shows one can experience, and tickets for the imperishable band are $146 on average, as they promote their latest: Lighting Bolt. Also catch progressive rock group Trans-Siberian Orchestra for one of their incredible light shows live this month at $96. The band usually takes the stage during the holiday season, and they are playing the most shows this fall by far—39 times!


Naturally, the biggest evening in the month of November comes on the 6th at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN for the 47th Annual CMA Country Music Awards. Hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley for their sixth consecutive year, the one night only event boasts the brightest stars, as they take the stage to honor country music’s greatest. Kenny Rogers is due to receive the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, while Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban are thrilled to rock the mike. Get in to be a part of Country Music’s Biggest Night for as low as $218, and $774 on average. Other country artists Hunter Hayes ranks in our list at $151, and the Zac Brown Band averages $127 for their 8 November shows. Breakout duo Florida Georgia Line rounded out the top 20, at $74 on average for their first national tour, which sold out in less than 5 minutes. Hear “Cruise” for as low as $18 in Milwaukee, WI, and up to $203 (avg)  in New York—who knows, maybe you’ll spot Nelly as a guest on stage one night!

No matter what your favorite music genre is, you’ll find something you won’t want to pass this November. Check out the chart below for all the info you’ll need!

Top 20 Concerts in November
Event # Shows Avg Price Cheapest Show Most Expensive Show
CMA Country Music Awards 1 $774
Justin Timberlake 14 $332 $157 – Hartford, CT $576 – Anaheim, CA
Eagles 12 $297 $138 – Montreal, QC $581 – Miami, FL
Selena Gomez 18 $273 $168 – St. Louis, MO $807 – San Antonio, TX
Michael Buble 12 $250 $115 – Portland, OR $372 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Drake 18 $232 $167 – Sacramento, CA $507 – Miami, FL
Pink 15 $227 $165 – Indianapolis, IN $480 – Minneapolis, MN
Elton John 13 $216 $162 – Philadelphia, PA $326 – Columbus, OH
Alejandro Fernandez 7 $215 $170 – Chicago, IL $255 – Atlanta, GA
Nine Inch Nails 13 $202 $106 – Calgary, AB $347 – Los Angeles, CA
Phish 2 $180
Kanye West 20 $171 $81 – Denver, CO $333 – New York, NY
John Legend 16 $166 $92 – Minneapolis, MN $301 – Chicago, IL
Chris Cornell 15 $153 $73 – Kingston, NY $315 – Wilmington, DE
Hunter Hayes 12 $151 $95 – Lafayette, LA $396 – Cleveland, OH
Pearl Jam 9 $146 $94 -Oklahoma City, OK $200 – Glendale, AZ
John Mayer 8 $140 $96 – Moline, IL $172 – Oklahoma City, OK
Zac Brown Band 8 $127 $97 – Sacramento, CA $272 – Bozeman, MT
Macklemore 18 $123 $70 – Houston, TX $210 – New York, NY
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 39 $96 $74 – Fort Lauderdale, FL $144 – Las Vegas, NV
Florida Georgia Line 17 $74 $44 – Milwaukee, WI $134 – New York, NY

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