NFL Tickets: Price Changes from Week 1 – 4


Heading into Week 4, there are still seven undefeated teams in the NFL and six who have yet to put a W up on the scoreboard. We take a look at these thirteen teams to see how their ticket prices have changed three games into the regular season.

To get an accurate comparison of prices we looked strictly at Week 4-17 game prices before the regular season started (9/3) and now. While the average NFL tickets price is up $10, eight of the thirteen teams saw a drop in average ticket price for their remaining games this season. The undefeated Kansas City Chiefs saw the greatest increase in ticket price at 34% ($31 a ticket) in the entire League while the 0-3 Jacksonville Jaguars saw the largest fall in average ticket price at -34% ($27 a ticket). Pittsburgh Steelers tickets saw the second greatest decrease in the NFL at a drop of -18% ($41 a ticket).

Five of the seven unbeaten teams, are among the Top 10 most expensive tickets in the NFL. Only Kansas City Chiefs tickets and Miami Dolphins tickets do not fall among the priciest. Surprisingly, Chiefs tickets are among the Top 10 cheapest tickets in the League. Kansas City is joined by two winless teams, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. In fact, Jacksonville Jaguars tickets are currently the cheapest in the NFL. Despite a losing record, the Giants remain a Top 10 team in regards to average ticket price; with an average price of $366 on the secondary market, New York Giants tickets are third most expensive in the NFL.

Monday Night Football has the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins facing off; one of the two undefeated teams will be handed their first loss of the season. MNF tickets in Week 4 are averaging $148 at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, down over $100 since mid-July.

NFL Tickets: Prices of 3-0 Teams

Week 4- 17 NFL Prices Avg. 9-3-13 Avg. 9-26-13 Rank
Chicago Bears $443.10 $422.36 1 -4.68%
Denver Broncos $271.52 $278.49 7 2.57%
Kansas City Chiefs $92.19 $123.40 23 33.85%
Miami Dolphins $159.34 $158.26 17 -0.68%
New England Patriots $411.54 $398.78 2 -3.10%
New Orleans Saints $279.75 $295.48 4 5.62%
Seattle Seahawks $275.95 $265.16 10 -3.91%

NFL Tickets: Prices of 0-3 Teams

Week 4- 17 NFL Prices Avg. 9-3-13 Avg. 9-26-13 Rank
Jacksonville Jaguars $79.22 $52.29 32 -33.99%
Minnesota Vikings $144.67 $144.40 18 -0.19%
New York Giants $354.56 $365.80 3 3.17%
Pittsburgh Steelers $233.12 $192.31 14 -17.51%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $113.74 $117.34 25 3.17%
Washington Redskins $206.42 $203.33 13 -1.50%

Image Credit: Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/MCT

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