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The MLB regular season is in its final month. A lot rides on how a team performs in September – Division winners are decided, playoff berths are awarded, wild card spots are claimed, and home-field advantage for the postseason is secured for the American and National League Division Series. Top players make their final push at an individual award being handed out for regular season play – Cy Young Award, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Delivery Man of the Year. Will it be a September to remember in MLB? Who will follow the 2011 Cardinals and 2012 A’s teams and make a last minute run? It’s what makes the chase to the end so exciting – it’s not over, ’til its over! Contributing to the excitement is the number of series against those in each Division.

As expected, MLB tickets in September are more expensive than any other month during the regular season, averaging $70. Before the season started the average ticket to a September baseball game cost $88, $18 more than it does today. As you can see in the above chart, the average price of tickets each month calculated just before the season started is higher than the actual price of MLB tickets calculated a day or two before the month began.

Only five teams in MLB have an average ticket price this month at or over the League’s September average – New York Yankees (avg. $110), Boston Red Sox (avg. $107), Pittsburgh Pirates (avg. $85), Houston Astros ($80), and Baltimore Orioles ($70). Three of those teams hail from the AL East; each will play the other two on their home field this month. The reason why the Astros are the fourth most expensive squad this month is because they finish the season at Minute Maid Park with the New York Yankees; Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees tickets are averaging $184 over three games in the most expensive series played this month. The second most expensive MLB series in the month of September is Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees at Fenway averaging $176, $56 more than the four-game Yankees-Red Sox series to be played in the Bronx.

Sixteen teams saw their monthly average drop since August including three of the six Division leaders. The Cubs entered August as the fifth most expensive ticket in the league for that month; after a $34 decrease in average price, Chicago has the ninth cheapest ticket this month. While the Chicago Cubs recently won their series against the Dodgers, any chance at a playoff berth is squashed. New York Mets tickets have dropped an average of $13 this month, falling three spots in the rankings. While the Mets have not only lost six of their last eight, they saw 2013 All-Star pitcher Matt Harvey go down with a partial tear in his elbow.

New York Yankees tickets saw the biggest increase in ticket price this month. The Los Angeles Angels had been the cheapest ticket in baseball the past two months but tickets in Anaheim are up an average of $27 in September and are now the twelfth most expensive in the League.

MLB Tickets Avg. Price (Aug) Rank (Aug) Avg. Price (Sept) Rank (Sept) Change
Arizona Diamondbacks $53.84 16 $46.42 18 -$7.42
Atlanta Braves $43.32 25 $56.47 10 $13.15
Baltimore Orioles $46.72 24 $69.97 5 $23.25
Boston Red Sox $116.01 1 $106.96 2 -$9.05
Chicago Cubs $75.29 5 $41.11 22 -$34.18
Chicago White Sox $48.76 21 $28.44 29 -$20.32
Cincinnati Reds $41.72 26 $52.38 14 $10.66
Cleveland Indians $55.88 13 $37.77 27 -$18.11
Colorado Rockies $34.15 28 $38.14 26 $3.99
Detroit Tigers $48.25 23 $62.86 8 $14.61
Houston Astros $68.42 9 $79.75 4 $11.33
Kansas City Royals $36.56 27 $33.84 28 -$2.72
Los Angeles Angels $26.86 30 $54.08 12 $27.22
Los Angeles Dodgers $54.20 15 $66.25 6 $12.05
Miami Marlins $48.73 22 $49.64 16 $0.91
Milwaukee Brewers $33.03 29 $40.70 23 $7.67
Minnesota Twins $60.75 12 $39.90 25 -$20.85
New York Mets $78.11 4 $64.77 7 -$13.34
New York Yankees $70.52 7 $109.87 1 $39.35
Oakland Athletics $50.60 20 $53.18 13 $2.58
Philadelphia Phillies $62.46 11 $40.49 24 -$21.97
Pittsburgh Pirates $68.50 8 $85.37 3 $16.87
San Diego Padres $81.93 3 $49.54 17 -$32.38
San Francisco Giants $63.58 10 $41.79 21 -$21.79
Seattle Mariners $51.05 18 $43.35 20 -$7.70
St Louis Cardinals $51.88 17 $45.19 19 -$6.69
Tampa Bay Rays $54.24 14 $57.91 9 $3.67
Texas Rangers $86.45 2 $55.77 11 -$30.68
Toronto Blue Jays $71.05 6 $50.75 15 -$20.31
Washington Nationals $50.80 19 $28.32 30 -$22.48
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  1. Charlie Phillips says:

    Amazing….You as a fan support the team all year good or bad and they stick it to you at the end. Best way i found to get tix at a fair price all year is getting a package deal . The tix are the same price no matter the series and game or team but the price is different on the ticket stub. You then can sell your package seats at a profit or see a game without the jacked up prices at the end.

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