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Now that the non-waiver trade deadline has passed, let’s take a look at MLB tickets prices this month. What will it cost you to see the Red Sox-Yankees series this month at Fenway? How much did Brewers tickets fall on the secondary market following Braun’s suspension? And, which team saw the biggest increase in MLB ticket prices since July?

Boston Red Sox tickets and Texas Rangers tickets remain the most expensive tickets in baseball. The Red Sox are just one loss behind Tampa Bay; the Rangers five games behind the A’s. Both teams are in second place in their division and host teams this month that are in high demand. Every team that Boston plays at Fenway Park in August is a top 10 most expensive road team – the Yankees (1), Mariners (3), Orioles (5), Diamondbacks (8), and Cubs (10). Often referred to as the “greatest rivalry in all of sports”, the Red Sox vs. Yankees series is averaging $180, the most expensive series this month in the League. The Rangers will also face the Diamondbacks and Mariners at home before playing the Houston Astros in the Lone Star Series. The now intra-division rivalry is averaging $88.

Brewers tickets are now second cheapest in the League following 2012 NL home run leader Ryan Braun’s suspension. Nine of twelve Brewers home games in August have tickets available for under $5 on the secondary market; all Brewers home games this month have tickets under $10. Plus, according to The Journal Sentinel, every ticketed fan coming through the turnstiles in August will receive a voucher good for $10 that can be used for food, beverage, merchandise and tickets. Milwaukee Brewers tickets are averaging just $33 in August, a $5 drop since last month. The second half of August is filled with Division rivalry games with a series against the Cincinnati Reds (avg. $34) and St. Louis Cardinals (avg. $30) at home before hitting the road for a series at Cincinnati and at Pittsburgh.

San Diego Padres tickets jumped $30 in the last month, the most of any team in the League. This is due to the fact that the New York Yankees (first-ever visit to Petco Park), Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Chicago Cubs will all be visiting San Diego in August. The Padres expect a sell-out for all three NYY games; Saturday’s San Diego Padres vs. New York Yankees game is averaging $140, the fourth most expensive game this month. Prior to Friday’s game, the Padres will honor Mariano Rivera as part of his farewell tour. In the most recent trade news for San Diego, the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Ian Kennedy was traded to the Padres. The San Diego Padres are seven games out of first place in the NL West but have won 8 of 12 since the All-Star break. They’ll play the division’s first place Dodgers in Los Angeles at the end of the month; Dodgers tickets for the series are averaging $56.

All in all, 11 MLB teams saw an increase in average ticket price from July to August. MLB July tickets averaged $62 while MLB August tickets are just $56. But, don’t expect prices to drop again in September; the ninth month of the year is the most expensive month during the regular season leading up to the MLB Playoffs.

MLB Tickets Avg. Price (Aug) Avg. Price (July) July Rank Change
Boston Red Sox $116.01 $106.76 1 $9.25
Texas Rangers $86.45 $91.56 2 -$5.11
San Diego Padres $81.93 $52.09 20 $29.84
New York Mets $78.11 $72.68 7 $5.43
Chicago Cubs $75.29 $89.71 3 -$14.43
Toronto Blue Jays $71.05 $63.83 9 $7.23
New York Yankees $70.52 $77.00 4 -$6.47
Pittsburgh Pirates $68.50 $52.87 18 $15.64
Houston Astros $68.42 $55.72 13 $12.70
San Francisco Giants $63.58 $75.45 5 -$11.88
Philadelphia Phillies $62.46 $71.43 8 -$8.97
Minnesota Twins $60.75 $74.81 6 -$14.06
Cleveland Indians $55.88 $52.32 19 $3.56
Tampa Bay Rays $54.24 $38.58 27 $15.66
Los Angeles Dodgers $54.20 $60.28 10 -$6.08
Arizona Diamondbacks $53.84 $46.53 23 $7.31
St Louis Cardinals $51.88 $53.75 16 -$1.87
Seattle Mariners $51.05 $53.90 15 -$2.85
Washington Nationals $50.80 $57.88 11 -$7.08
Oakland Athletics $50.60 $53.44 17 -$2.84
Chicago White Sox $48.76 $49.80 22 -$1.04
Miami Marlins $48.73 $44.47 24 $4.26
Detroit Tigers $48.25 $54.15 14 -$5.90
Baltimore Orioles $46.72 $57.79 12 -$11.07
Atlanta Braves $43.32 $50.55 21 -$7.23
Cincinnati Reds $41.72 $44.29 25 -$2.57
Kansas City Royals $36.56 $33.54 30 $3.02
Colorado Rockies $34.15 $41.22 26 -$7.07
Milwaukee Brewers $33.03 $38.05 28 -$5.02
Los Angeles Angels $26.86 $36.34 29 -$9.48

Image Credit: Amanda Swinhart (Boston Red Sox)

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