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“I just always loved stand-up. It’s like magic. You say something, and a whole room full of people laughs together. Say something else, they laugh again.”  – Dave Chappelle

After years away from the spotlight, Dave Chappelle is going back to his roots in stand-up comedy as the headliner at this fall’s Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. While Chappelle’s new shows are certainly in high demand, many other top comedians are also very popular on the secondary market. From Jerry Seinfeld to Daniel Tosh, see show Chappelle stacks up to the top comedy tours and Vegas shows after the jump.

Top 5 Comedy Tours

1. Jerry Seinfeld
Average Price: $280
A full 15 years after his show went off the air, Jerry Seinfeld is still at the top of the comedy world. Seinfeld has managed to stay relevant, as evidenced by his recent unlikely collaboration with rapper Wale. After performing a set of shows in New York this past fall, Seinfeld performs this summer throughout the country. The current stand-up tour is the most expensive on the secondary market.

2. Russell Peters
Average Price: $183
Canadian comedian Russell Peters is not well known for any television of movie credits like the other members of this list. However, he is extremely well known and respected in the world of stand-up comedy. His humor is influenced heavily by his Indian family and offers hilarious takes on cultural stereotypes. Peters’ current dates run from late July until late September.

3. Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival w/ Dave Chappelle & Flight of the Conchords
Average Price: $169
Dave Chappelle will certainly be the main draw to the Oddball Festival, but a number of other comedians will make the shows well worth the price of admission. The tour, sponsored by Funny or Die, also features Flight of the Conchords, Al Madrigal, and Demitri Martin, amongst others. The will be two stages at each of the tour dates as well as plenty of extra attractions for the fans.

4. Russell Brand
Average Price: $160
After a successful start as a UK comedian and TV Host, Russell Brand has taken America by storm. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star now has his own show on FX and is one of the top comedians on tour. Brand brings his often politically incorrect, but stinging commentary across North America from late August to mid-September.

5. Bill Cosby
Average Price: $160
At age 75, Bill Cosby is still going strong and is still just as funny as he was 50 years ago. As one of the most successful comedians and entertainers of his generation, Cosby still has the itch to perform in front of crowds. His current stand-up dates are scheduled from later this month all the way until this coming February of 2014.


Las Vegas Comedy

Due to its proximity to Los Angeles and lucrative deals from its major hotels, Sin City consistently draws the most successful stand-up comedians. Below are the Top 10 most expensive stand-up shows in Las Vegas on the secondary market. Some comedians, such as Daily Show favorite Lewis Black, will stop by Vegas for just a few shows as part of a larger tour. Others, like Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh, have multiple strings of shows scheduled. With 7 of the Top 10 shows, the Mirage Hotel’s Aces of Comedy Series dominates the list. The Mirage is constantly adding top talent to its schedule and is considered Vegas’ go-to destination for serious stand-up. It is interesting to note that while Jerry Seinfeld has the most expensive tickets nationwide, fellow 90’s sitcom stars Ray Romano and Kevin James currently have the most expensive Vegas shows.

Comedian Venue Avg. Price
Ray Romano/
Kevin James
Mirage Hotel and Casino $233 Tickets
Jay Leno Mirage Hotel and Casino $196 Tickets
Ron White Mirage Hotel and Casino $190 Tickets
Daniel Tosh Mirage Hotel and Casino $179 Tickets
Jerry Seinfeld Caesars Palace $158 Tickets
Lewis Black Mirage Hotel and Casino $158 Tickets
George Lopez Mirage Hotel and Casino $154 Tickets
Terry Fator Mirage Hotel and Casino $152 Tickets
Russell Peters The Palms Resort and Casino $148 Tickets
Dennis Miller Orleans Casino $136 Tickets
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