Top 10 NFL Road Teams by Ticket Price in 2013

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Sometimes it pays to be a displaced NFL fan. The two most expensive tickets in the NFL this season are the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots. If you’re a Bears or Patriots fan living in another NFL City (away from Chicago or Boston), there’s good news. Neither Chicago nor New England has one of the top 10 most expensive tickets on the road. While displaced Bears and Patriots fans may not get to attend every home game, they will pay a much cheaper price for a ticket to see their favorite team in their current City. Bears road tickets are averaging 2.7-times less than Chicago Bears tickets at Soldier Field. Patriots road tickets are half the cost of New England Patriots tickets at Gillette Stadium. The Chicago Bears (6) and New England Patriots (8) both had one of the top 10 most expensive road tickets in the NFL in 2012.

When the official 2013 NFL schedule was released, we highlighted the 10 most expensive NFL tickets in 2013 by home team. Since the list was created in April, Detroit Lions and New York Jets tickets have fallen out of the top 10 and the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks have replaced them. Six of the current top ten teams with the most expensive home tickets also have one of the top 10 most expensive road tickets. Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and New Orleans Saints tickets are in high demand at home and on the road. If you want to know who the most popular teams in the NFL are, you just read them.


The top 10 most expensive road teams in 2013 are very similar to that of 2012. Although the order changed slightly, only the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins (replacing the Bears and Patriots) are new to the list; both teams had exceptional seasons last year. Green Bay Packers tickets top the list for the most expensive in the NFL two years in a row. Last year, Dallas Cowboys tickets were the second most popular team on the road; in 2013, the Cowboys fell one spot to number 3. Taking over the number 2 spot in 2013 are the Denver Broncos. In 2012, Denver Broncos tickets on the road were the tenth most expensive in the League after picking up future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Eight of the ten road teams hail from the NFC and five made the NFL Playoffs last season. Three of the teams, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles demand a substantially higher road ticket than home ticket. One of the biggest surprises missing from the top 10 most expensive road teams, Super Bowl XLVII Champs Baltimore Ravens. Changes to the Ravens roster since is likely a contributing factor to the team’s cheap road prices. Ravens tickets prices on the road are less expensive than the average NFL tickets price of $189.59.

NFL Tickets 2013 Avg. Road 2013 Avg. Home
Green Bay Packers $291.06 $337.19
Denver Broncos $273.73 $284.53
Dallas Cowboys $266.76 $273.54
San Francisco 49ers $246.20 $207.61
Pittsburgh Steelers $227.00 $269.38
Atlanta Falcons $226.22 $148.87
New York Giants $225.35 $347.07
Washington Redskins $225.02 $224.19
New Orleans Saints $223.32 $275.69
Philadelphia Eagles $217.35 $199.17
New England Patriots $213.94 $438.09
Minnesota Vikings $192.03 $148.77
Oakland Raiders $191.81 $129.04
Miami Dolphins $188.87 $150.94
Chicago Bears $186.50 $506.27
Detroit Lions $186.29 $152.18
Seattle Seahawks $184.42 $243.72
Baltimore Ravens $173.38 $272.76
Buffalo Bills $173.29 $126.53
Tennessee Titans $162.58 $110.66
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $159.44 $167.96
Arizona Cardinals $156.67 $143.97
Houston Texans $153.44 $221.37
St. Louis Rams $150.66 $127.94
Cincinnati Bengals $150.43 $118.44
Cleveland Browns $149.73 $102.30
Indianapolis Colts $148.18 $179.19
New York Jets $144.51 $224.78
Carolina Panthers $138.94 $137.97
San Diego Chargers $136.52 $176.54
Kansas City Chiefs $134.59 $106.71
Jacksonville Jaguars $127.67 $107.82

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