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Tim Tebow is officially a New England Patriot. After signing a two year non-guaranteed deal this morning, Tebow is now the third quarterback on the depth chart behind All-Pro Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallet. Despite initial optimism at Tebow’s chance at success in Foxborough, the signing comes as a bit of a surprise given media reports last month that Patriots coach Bill Belichick “hates” Tim Tebow as a football player. Either Belichick had a change of heart, or the media reports were exaggerated, as the Patriots posted a photo on their official Facebook page this morning of Tebow’s first action as a Patriot.


Tebow was released from the Jets on April 29 after their selection of West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, capping a year of intense media scrutiny but negligible on-field production. Following his release, there were legitimate concerns about Tebow’s future as a quarterback in the NFL, or even elsewhere. Hall-of-Famer Warren Moon stated that with his flawed throwing motion, Tebow could not even make it as a quarterback in the CFL. The Montreal Alouettes, the Canadian team with Tebow’s negotiation rights would only offer Tebow an opportunity to compete for a backup spot. While Tebow still won’t be a starter, he is now employed by the most successful NFL franchise of the last 15 years. We take a look at some key matchups this season for Tebow and the Patriots, given that Tebow is still on the roster when the season begins.



Game Avg Price Get-In Price
New York Jets at New England Patriots
$502 $194
New England Patriots at New York Jets
$303 $66
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots
$652 $251
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
$187 $51

Despite Tim Tebow’s popularity, his signing has thus far had little to no effect on Patriots ticket prices. The Patriots already have the most expensive tickets in the NFL at home, 19% higher than the Bears, who are second most expensive. Tebow’s first marquee matchup will be at home against his former New York Jets team in Week 2. The average price for the game is currently $502, making it the fifth most expensive NFL game this season on the secondary market. At an average price of $303, tickets for Tebow’s return to the Meadowlands to play the Jets in Week 7 are much more affordable.

The Patriots game in Foxborough against the Broncos in Week 12 features a pair of reunions and was already considered the top game on the NFL schedule this season. Wes Welker will return to New England after spending 6 years as a Patriot, while Tebow will face off against the team who drafted him and who he led to the second round of the playoffs in 2011. The Patriots-Broncos showdown is currently the 2013 season’s most expensive game. While many Florida football fans hoped to root for Tebow in a Jaguars jersey this season, they will get a chance to see Tebow play in his home state  against the Dolphins in Week 15.

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