Demand High for US Open at Merion


The start of the 2013 US Open is only one week away and demand for tickets may be approaching the highest in the event’s history. The tournament will be held at the historic Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania, about 10 miles from Philadelphia. This will be the fifth US Open held at Marion, the last being in 1981. The course holds just 25,000 spectators, about half the amount of the Olympic Club outside San Francisco, home of last year’s US Open. By comparison, this year’s Phoenix Open set an attendance record with over 179,000 fans.

The low supply of tickets is especially significant given Merion’s close proximity to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York. With so many golf fans vying for so few tickets, high demand is understandable. This demand is only amplified by the early season success of Tiger Woods, who hopes to finally win his 15th major championship and first since 2008. The high demand and low supply seems to be having a strong effect on ticket prices.

According to, Thursday round prices in 2011 & 2012 were no more than $85, while Friday through Sunday rounds did not top $150. This year, just the Wednesday practice round is starting at $152. The opening Thurday round is starting at $236 and the most expensive round on Friday is starting at $293. Compared to the Friday round at the PGA Championship in August, the US Open is almost 4x more expensive. While the US Open this year may be pricey, prices still pale in comparison to the Masters. Masters 2014 practice rounds are starting at $425, with badges starting as high as $1395 for Saturday.

Date Starting Price
$37 Tickets
$85 Tickets
$152 Tickets
$236 Tickets
$293 Tickets
$270 Tickets
$245 Tickets

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