Who has the Most Expensive Tour? Hottest Acts Square Off


Pollstar recently paired some of the hottest acts touring this year that are competing for your attention (and dollar!) in their piece “Top Stars Square Off For Summer Tour Dollars.” We added another twist by including the average cost of each musician(s) show on the secondary market. We’ve now reached the ultimate square off of Summer tours.

Kid Rock versus Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z:

Double the entertainment for double the cost. There’s a reason why Legends of the Summer tour tickets sold out at stadiums like the Rose Bowl and Soldier Field – despite being 60,000 + deep. Kid Rock can complain about high ticket prices to the Legends of the Summer tour, but people are willing to pay to catch the Suit and Tie duo perform live.

Kid Rock tickets: $119

Legends of the Summer Tour tickets: $232

Ever the populist (and shrewd marketer), Kid Rock recently called high ticket prices for the Timberlake-Hova Legends of the Summer Tour “garbage” and is countering with $20 tickets for his own Best Night Ever Tour. Timberlake and Jay-Z are playing at some of America’s most beloved ballparks and offer some of the hottest material going in music right now. Kid Rock is countering with $4 beer. That’s right, $4 beer.

Taylor Swift versus Kenny Chesney:

Kenny Chesney has sold more concert tickets over the past decade than any other artist, making him North America’s top-selling touring act. His concert’s remain reasonably priced, lower in fact than Country Goddess Taylor Swift. Back in 2011, these two were battling it out for the top spot in Billboard’s Hot Tours list – not much has changed. Rather than seeing these two separately at their solo concerts for an average of $379, why not see them together at the CMA Music Festival? CMA Music Festival tickets start at $323.

Taylor Swift tickets: $202

Kenny Chesney tickets: $177

On the surface it seems like Swift and Chesney have little in common beyond format, but both have a gift for filling seats. At one time Swift was the pupil and Chesney the mentor out on the road, but these days they’re equals when it comes to touring. Both can fill stadiums with shrewd choices for opening acts and both have had so much success on the road, you wonder how they keep it up.

Paul McCartney versus One Direction:

A comparison between One Direction and Justin Bieber tickets may be a better square off as One Direction tickets are almost 3-times the cost of Paul McCartney tickets. In 2012, One Direction’s 2013 Tour in North America was averaging a much more affordable $190. 1D tickets have gone in one direction, and that is up.

Paul McCartney tickets: $236

One Direction tickets: $650

This one reminds us that American teenage girls have been screaming their heads off at British boy bands for a half-century. McCartney is inventive when it comes to tour plotting and can still excite with an expansive catalog of enduring hits. His stop at the Bonnaroo music festival this year is one of the summer’s most anticipated moments. But when it comes to decibels, the boys from One Direction will incite Justin Bieber-level delirium when they storm the country’s arenas.

New Kids on the Block versus Bob Dylan:

Of the artists that Pollstar squared off, these two were the closest when it came to average ticket price with just $22 separating them. This matchup is more a matter of taste in music than anything else.

New Kids on the Block tickets: $163

Bob Dylan tickets: $141

What do boy bands and Dylan have in common? An understanding that a healthy bottom line in a busy summer can sometimes be determined by whom you take out on the road. New Kids on the Block aren’t new kids on the block, after all, so they smartly paired up with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men for the aptly titled The Package Tour. Dylan, on the other hand, dipped into the large pool of acolytes he’s influenced over the years to put together the Americanarama Festival of Music with My Morning Jacket and Wilco.

Beyoncé versus Rihanna:

Both these divas are bound to put on a good show! I saw Rihanna perform at the Honda Center and at the American Idol finale last year and she did not disappoint. Rihanna tickets were averaging $181 just before her concert started.

Beyoncé tickets: $489

Rihanna tickets: $181

They both chose to start overseas before bringing the party home and both have had their troubles, each recently canceling shows due to illness. Rihanna got off to a tough start when her media junket backfired and then there were the recent boos in Boston. And there are those rumors that persist around Beyoncé’s The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour that Queen B is pregnant and on the verge of canceling. But we’re in a gambling mood. Roll the dice … if you can pay the price.

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