Can Beyonce and Jay-Z both Run This Town?


Like Alicia Keys, Beyonce’s lead single sends a message of female empowerment. We all thought hubby Jay-Z was “Run(ning) this Town” but it appears that sassy Bey is on her way – “Told the world imma paint this town / Now bitches, I run this.” Sounds like Beyonce is staking her claim as queen of New York. Why not? She can do whatever she wants.

“It’s almost like this track is destined to be the theme song to the next Women’s World Cup or something,” – Carl Williott at Idolator

So, where is Beyonce’s new album? Fans expect it out later this summer. But, before Monday when the full version of “Grown Woman” was leaked, fans only heard clips of songs (to be on the album) that had been featured in her Pepsi (“Grown Woman”) and H&M (“Standing on the Sun”) commercials.

At least we can all start memorizing the lyrics to “Grown Woman” while we wait for Beyonce’s new album. Heck, we’ll all be ready to shout along with Sasha Fierce when she takes the stage for the Mrs. Carter Show in the States. Beyonce tickets to the Mrs. Carter show are averaging $489 in the United States, up $70 since the on-sale.


Mrs.Carter Show tickets

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