Top 5 MusicBiz Articles of the Week: May 4 – May 10


PR, Product Marketing, and Social Media Strategies From Daft Punk

The buzz for Daft Punk’s upcoming Random Access Memories album is palpable. As Clauser explains, the duo has taken an old school approach in marketing their upcoming project. They were able to promote their first single “Get Lucky” without flooding the internet and social media with advertisements. Instead, they slowly teased the single to create excitement, before finally releasing it to the public. The strategy has payed dividends, propelling Daft Punk to their highest-ever Hot 100 ranking.

Rolling Stones ticket price ‘flexing’ part of the plan, says promoter

Following the last-minute release of discounted tickets for the Rolling Stones’ Los Angeles tour stop last week, many blamed a lack of demand for the anniversary tour. The Stones’ promoter disputes these claims, citing a new “flex pricing” strategy. This strategy was apparently an attempt to keep tickets out of the hands of brokers and put potential broker profit into the band’s pocket. The flex pricing may reduce broker sales, but fans that purchase tickets early end up being penalized by paying more. It will be interesting to see if other artists adopt the same approach.

Music on the Web: Google, Facebook and Apple set to battle for your ears

With the increasing popularity free streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify, more companies want to join the party. Somerville analyzes the future plans of Google, Apple, and Facebook to enter the field. With such major companies hoping to make an impact in the streaming music market, expect the landscape to change significantly in the near future. While increased access for free streaming music helps provide exposure to musicians, it also remains to be seen how artists will continue to profit, given the decrease in music purchasers.

On-Demand Streams Now Count Toward RIAA Gold & Platinum

The widespread availability of streaming music has also caught the attention of the Recording Industry Association of America. For just the 5th time since the program began in 1958, the RIAA will alter its formula for its Gold and Platinum Certifications, now factoring in on-demand streams. The RIAA was unable to put a number on the amount of revenue generated for rights-holders by on-demand streams, so they decided instead to focus on average consumption patterns. Though the scale still relies heavily on actual unit sales, the addition of a measurement for streaming reflects significant changes in music industry.

Randy Jackson Exits ‘American Idol’

After 12 years of judging American Idol, Randy Jackson will be leaving the show. Jackson was the final original judge on the show, and with ratings slipping, the show’s future is in serious doubt. Once the highest-rated show on television, American Idol has been surpassed this season in popularity by NBC’s singing competition The Voice. According to Schillaci, the show’s struggles may cause produces to not only replace Jackson next season, but also remaining judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban.

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