Top Music Business Articles of the Week (January 25, 2013)

#1 : From Sinatra to Aretha, the role of music in the inauguration I Denise Quan and Jack Hannah I CNN I 1-21-13

We’re all interested to see which musical artists are selected to perform at the President’s Inauguration. According to David Gergen quoted in the article, Inaugural events have spotlighted the intersection of politics, pop culture and music since the early 60’s. But what do the President’s choices in musicians say about him? Quan and Hannah delve into the significance of Music at the Inauguration. 

#2 : ‘Nash 94.7’, aka WRXP 94.7, becomes first country radio station in New York City in 17 years I David Hinckley I New York Daily News I 1/21/13

New York has gone Country and it’s about time! Country stars have been touring around NYC for years; often selling out The Garden. Hinckley uncovers the reason why Country was dropped by WYNY in 1996 despite evidence that ‘past country stations in New York have had the highest listenership of any country station in America …’

#3 : How to make a Living in the Modern Music Business I Zack O’Malley Greenburg I Forbes I 1/23/13

“The most important thing is to be open to the possibility that what you’re going to be doing professionally isn’t exactly what you imagined,” he says. “Those of us that have the fire in our belly will ultimately make the transition, and the personal artistic goals will swallow the others.”

The music and sports industry are similar in this way – unless you are a ‘professional’ (and I use that term loosely) you aren’t making millions. For the rest of us working in the entertainment industry, you have to be open to multiple jobs/projects – whatever it takes to work (and make a living) in the field you are passionate about. And I agree with Peter Spellman on the fact that it often takes a business/marketing savvy individual to achieve ultimate potential. With that, a savvy individual with an open mind. Greenburg dives into the many jobs of music – perhaps some you haven’t thought of.

#4 : Sundance Channel Series Review: New American Noise I Cody Kirkland I Slug Magazine I 1/21/13

Nokia Music teamed up with Sundance Channel to produce a new documentary series, New American Noise. Kirkland attended the invite-only midday screening of the premier and takes his reader through each short film investigating the music scenes of Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Portland. His honest opinion is valued whether you agree or not. 

#5 : Flaming Lips to Star in Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial I Andrew Hampp I Billboard I 1/24/13

The Flaming Lips will star in a 60-second Hyundai commercial that will feature a custom-written song. And, the song will be included as a digital bonus track in the group’s upcoming iTunes album release. Do you think the band is a good representation of Hyundai and its brand? Find out why the car company chose The Flaming Lips.

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