Did NBA Teams Benefit from NHL Lockout?

NBA and NHL tickets

Before the NHL lockout, Bleacher Report’s Dan Kelley predicted that there were (specifically) 5 NBA teams that would benefit from the NHL lockout. These 5 NBA teams share their City with an NHL team and at the time of the lockout, casual sports fans were not forced to choose between their local professional Basketball and Hockey teams.   

“With media attention on hockey now firmly fixated on labor dispute developments (or lack thereof), the NBA will have the stage all to itself. If the lockout cancels a full season, basketball is sure to draw the attention of casual hockey fans in the mood for a little team sport”

We dove into ticket prices and found that of the 15 NBA teams that share a City (or within relatively close proximity) with an NHL team, two-thirds of the teams saw a decrease in ticket price following the return of NHL. Of the 5 NBA teams Kelley felt would benefit the most – New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers – 3 saw decreases in price since the tentative deal on a new collective bargaining agreement was reached, 1 was essentially unchanged, and 1 actually saw an increase in ticket price since the NHL team in their same arena returned to the ice. A decrease in price would suggest that the NBA team did benefit from the NHL lockout.

The Detroit Pistons (-41%) and Philadelphia 76ers (37%) saw the greatest decrease in ticket price following the January 6 end to the lockout. Both the NHL teams in Detroit and Philadelphia have a higher ticket average this season than their NBA neighbors. Washington Wizards tickets dropped 2% and New York Knicks tickets saw a very slight .23% increase. It was the Los Angeles Clippers ticket price that saw the greatest increase in price following the end of the NHL lockout at 10%; however, we assume this increase in price is more dependent on the fact that the team is playing better than expected and ranked higher than their LA rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. Of the two NBA teams in Los Angeles, it was the Lakers who saw tickets fall 7% following the return of the Los Angeles Kings to Staples Center.

How did the other NBA teams compare? Overall, NBA tickets in Cities that have both an NBA and NHL team, dropped (on average) 6% since the return of the NHL season. 

NBA Team                     Avg.Price (1-3-13)    Avg.Price (1-23-13)   
Boston Celtics $142.00 $128.30 -9.65%
Chicago Bulls $159.07 $152.84 -3.91%
Dallas Mavericks $98.09 $99.28 1.22%
Denver Nuggets $85.39 $84.56 -0.98%
Detroit Pistons $78.98 $46.45 -41.18%
Golden State Warriors $76.65 $72.48 -5.44%
Los Angeles Clippers $157.12 $173.58 10.47%
Los Angeles Lakers $312.31 $289.75 -7.22%
Miami Heat $192.38 $199.17 3.53%
Minnesota Timberwolves $48.74 $49.05 0.64%
New York Knicks $255.47 $256.06 0.23%
Philadelphia 76ers $133.88 $84.32 -37.02%
Phoenix Suns $81.51 $71.47 -12.32%
Toronto Raptors $96.53 $93.39 -3.25%
Washington Wizards $110.91 $108.50 -2.17%


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