2012 College Football Conference Championship Tickets

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College Football Conference Championship tickets have dropped in every Title Game since our last blog post on the subject (College Football – Conference Championship Games, Rivalry Week) mid-month. 

ACC Championship tickets have dropped 56 percent ($48 per ticket), the greatest decrease of any Conference Championship. To note, we did not begin tracking prices for the Pac-12 Conference Championship until last Friday. At the time we started tracking prices for the ACC Championship, five teams in the conference were vying for two spots in the Title Game – Miami, Georgia Tech, Duke, Florida State and Clemson.

Big Ten Championship tickets have dropped steadily in the past two weeks. Since Friday (prior to Nebraska clinching a spot in the Title Game later that evening), prices have remained constant, averaging $93.  

SEC Championship tickets peaked at the beginning of last week, and then began to fall by Friday. Interestingly, Alabama had not clinched a spot in the game until Saturday. Since Saturday, average ticket prices on Razorgator continue to decrease. However, all things considered, the average ticket for the SEC Championship has only dropped 6 percent since 12 days ago (relatively stable). Yesterday, the SEC Championship game ranked No. 1 in our Top 10 Events of the Week. At that time, the cheapest SEC Championship tickets averaged 4-times higher than the cheapest Pac 12 Championship tickets and over 11-times higher than the cheapest Big 10 Championship tickets.


College Football Conference Championship Tickets – Average Price

Conference Championship        11-15       11-19      11-23      11-27    

∆ (11/15 – 11/27)

ACC Championship $86 $67 $39 $38 -55.81%
Big Ten Championship $130 $112 $93 $93 -28.46%
Pac 12 Championship N/A N/A $116 $107 N/A
SEC Championship $452 $495 $471 $426 -5.75%


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