Purchase Tickets from Razorgator for So. Cal Events, Get $15 off your First Ride with Uber

Razorgator Tickets Uber Offer


Benefits of Uber

  • Ride in Style
  • Avoid the stress of traffic
  • Don’t pay for parking at the venue
  • Hassle free payment (leave your cash at home)
  • Request a ride from iPhone or Android app 
  • Know exactly how far away your Uber car is

We took Uber for a spin and now Razorgator is giving you the chance to experience an on-demand private driver in Uber.  

Want Lakers tickets? Chargers tickets? Book of Mormon tickets at Pantages Theatre? One Direction tickets or Taylor Swift tickets at Staples Center? What about Bruce Springsteen tickets or The Who tickets at Honda Center? Purchase tickets to any event in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego and you’ll automatically receive a $15 off Uber code in your order confirmation email. This offer applies to new Uber riders only.   

View more information about this special Uber offer and events in the Southern California area. 


Personal Experience

I personally used Uber for the first time in Orange County on November 5 to experience just how great this service is. The day before I had signed up for Uber on their website and uploaded the Uber app to my iPhone. For both, I received a confirmation. I was officially ready. At just about 1:00 AM, now early Sunday morning, I got on my app and looked to see how far away the closest driver was. It said 24 minutes away (in major cities the time is typically much shorter). I entered my pick up location and Uber confirmed my order by texting me “your Uber is en route! Sean (4.8 stars) will pick you up in 24 minutes.” Soon after, Sean called me to confirm my address and my order. Diligent, I like that. For the next 24 minutes, I was able to track where Sean was on the app. Twenty-one (21) minutes later, I received another text that said “your Uber is arriving now.” I came outside and was greeted by a well-dressed gentleman opening the door for me. I could tell this experience was going to be much better than a taxi. And it was – Sean held a conversation for most the ride, I could breathe something other than odors from the previous riders, I felt safe and didn’t feel like I was on a ride at Disneyland being tossed from one side of the car to the other just to save a minute, and I didn’t have to stress about asking Sean if I had to pay with cash. Nineteen (19) minutes later, I was at my doorstep. Sean again opened the door and helped me with my bags. I didn’t need cash for payment or even a tip; everything went to the credit card on file. This was certainly better than paying for a stop at the ATM machine just because my taxi driver demanded they only took cash (even though it is clearly marked with a sticker in their vehicle that they are supposed to accept credit cards). By the time I was inside, I had an emailed receipt so I knew exactly how much I was charged (I can imagine this is helpful for business trips). I truly had the best experience with Uber (I gave Sean a 5.0 rating) and am excited to use them again in the future.  


What are others are saying about Uber?

Huffington Post, 10-19-2012

“No more fighting for a cab. No more wondering if it’ll show up. No more anonymous drivers, no more weird back seat odors, and no more mad dashes to the cash machine.”

CBS Los Angeles, 10-30-2012

“Cab drivers, beware! A hot new cost-cutting car service is taking Los Angeles and other major cities by storm—one download at a time.”


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