Manny Pacquiao to Fight on December 1, 2012?


Manny Pacquiao announced that his next fight will be on December 1, 2012.  He originally planned a rematch with Tim Bradley on November 10 but with a busy political agenda in the Philippines, it would have cut into his training schedule.  Pacquiao’s camp has decided that a fight in December would give Manny adequate time to train and be fully prepared for his next opponent.  However, the fight may move back to its original date of November 10.  Manny may not have to be in attendance for his congressional duties and decide to keep the November date.  Manny Pacquiao tickets will be some of the most popular in November or December once an opponent has been picked and details are finalized.

Who will Pacquiao be in the ring with on December 1?  A rematch with Bradley is inevitable, but there are also other possible rematches with elite fighters like Marquez or Cotto.  Tim Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Miguel Cotto are the three most likely candidates that Pacquiao would meet in the ring. 


Bradley defeated Pacquiao in a highly controversial decision on June 9.  Pacquiao needs to regain all of his glory in the ring against Bradley before there can be a mega-fight with Mayweather.  Bradley will be a significant stepping stone for Pacman to fight Mayweather.


Pacquiao-Marquez III proved to be another extremely close fight last year.  Pacquiao-Marquez IV is practical because Marquez is a 39 year-old that does not have too many more fights left in him.  A fourth fight with Pacquiao would settle past controversies in their close fights that could have been scored in Marquez’s favor.


Pacquiao knocked out Cotto in a one-sided showing in 2009.  Cotto was also defeated by Mayweather in a Cinco de Mayo fight which once again illustrated Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s brilliance in the ring. Cotto would be the least likely opponent for the Filipino congressman.


The two most likely opponents for Pacquiao will be Marquez and Bradley.  Bradley escaped with one of the most controversial decisions in boxing to date this year and left an unwarranted blemish on Pacquiao’s record.  Bradley is only 29 years-old and boasts an undefeated record at 29-0.  




What about Pacquiao’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.? This is one fight that every boxing fan wants to see but it is highly unlikely that this fight will happen before the new year.  Pacquiao’s loss to Bradley and the controversial decision associated with this fight does not help to set up a Mayweather-Pacquiao showing. 


There had been a contract in place to have the two champions in the ring in 2010, but this fight did not happen because of a disagreement on drug testing.  Both fighters are aging (Floyd is 37 and Manny is 35) and are starting to move out of their prime.  Manny and Floyd are still the two best boxers in this era and a fight to settle who is the greater of the two champions would elevate the sport of boxing to a level of popularity that has long been associated with the past.  Manny’s promoter, Bob Arum could not come to a deal with Mayweather’s past promoter, Oscar de la Hoya.  50 Cent could be the final piece to the puzzle and make the fight happen since he is now Floyd’s new promoter.  


Manny’s decision for his fight again this year will be an indication of how much closer he is getting to a fight with Floyd Mayweather.  


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