Summer Sounds: Week 4

  1. Drake covers Aaliyah // Enough Said: I’m not sure which side to take – the fact that Drake is producing Aaliyah’s unreleased album work posthumously is both lovely and slightly disrespectful. Regardless, it’s nice to hear Aaliyah’s legacy, although I’m not sure I like Drake’s rap combined.
  2. Dum Dum Girls // Lord Knows: ‘Lord Knows’ is a sweet track off the Dum Dum Girls’ new EP, End of Daze, out September 25 from Sub Pop. Best heard when driving off into the sunset.
  3. Wavves // Hippies Is Punks: Adult Swim’s summer series is almost over, but not before releasing a new Wavves track. It’s exciting to hear new work from him because he has mentioned that his new album was not produced by a label, but out of his own pocket. ‘Hippies Is Punks’ borrows from 90s alt rock while blending beach rock seamlessly.
  4. Grizzly Bear // Yet Again: Grizzly Bear’s newest single pushes further away from their former, Yellow House selves. They seemed to have awoken, whereas past tracks like ‘Colorado’ and ‘Foreground’ were dreamier. Their new album, Shields, comes out September 17.
  5. Animal Collective // Today’s Supernatural: The ever-progressive experimentalists, Animal Collective, are set to release Centipede Hz just four months after releasing two tracks, ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’. ‘Today’s Supernatural’ feels familiarly giddy, which is consistent with much of Animal Collective’s work.
  6. Mariah Carey // Triumphant (Get ‘Em) feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill: I’m a little disappointed. It’s been years since a new Mariah Carey album and on this track, we hardly get to hear her beautiful voice. Don’t get me wrong, Rick Ross and Meek Mill are great on their own, but I was bummed when they took up most of the song. But Mariah, you saved it.
  7. Zac Brown Band // Sweet Annie: I’ve slowly been easing myself into the country scene, and I have to say, ‘Sweet Annie’ is quite beautiful. It’s not particularly new, but hey, I figured I would mix things up.
  8. Passion Pit // Mirrored Sea: Despite Billboard’s less than enthusiastic opinion of ‘Mirrored Sea’, I believe it boasts some of Angelakos’ best lyrical work. Gossamer was released last month and has already secured a place on my ‘Best Albums of the Year’ list, and I’m not alone. Pitchfork and even Billboard have given the album outstanding reviews.
  9. Jessie Ware // Sweet Talk: British songstress, Jessie Ware, dazzles with this sultry new track. Her story of knowing a guy is her weakness after hearing his ‘sweet talk’ is one that every girl can relate to. Summer soundtrack? I think so.
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