Top College Football Teams up to 103% More Expensive on the Road


Michigan owns the top spot on the road, demanding 103% more for road tickets than their home tickets. Here is a look at the Michigan Wolverines, Oklahoma Sooners, and Alabama Crimson Tide, which are the top three college football teams on the road.  Eight of the top ten road teams are more expensive to see on the road compared to at home.  The only two teams that demand a higher home price are the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  

  • The Alabama Crimson Tide demand $339 for home tickets and $289 for road games. If you are looking to see the best team in the country, then it would be ideal to see them in a top road game. Alabama’s ticket prices are 15% cheaper than their home ticket prices. Alabama plays Michigan in a barnburner of an opening game at Cowboys Stadium.  They also have marquee road games against the Arkansas Razorbacks, Missouri Tigers, and LSU Tigers.

Top 10 Road Teams in College Football

Top Road Teams Avg Road Price Avg Home Price
Michigan Wolverines Football Tickets $451 $222 103%
Oklahoma Sooners Football Tickets $296 $192 54%
Alabama Crimson Tide Football Tickets $289 $339 -15%
LSU Tigers Football Tickets $275 $178 55%
Georgia Bulldogs Football Tickets $234 $145 61%
Florida Gators Football Tickets $231 $132 75%
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Tickets $218 $279 -22%
Wisconsin Badgers Football Tickets $211 $159 33%
Oregon Ducks Football Tickets $208 $111 87%
Michigan State Spartans Football Tickets $204 $110 85%

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