USC Trojans Ticket Prices Drop 10% in 2012


The USC Trojans are bowl eligible for the 2012 season.  This means skyhigh ticket prices, right? Surprisingly, this is not the case.  The Trojans’ ticket prices are actually lower than they were last season, when they were ineligible for any bowl games.  Even though USC hosts both Oregon and Notre Dame, and is now bowl eligible, prices have dropped 10% compared to the same time last year.  In 2011, the average ticket price was $164 to attend a USC game.  In 2012, ticket prices have dropped to $149.  This is the prime time to go see the Trojans play at the Coliseum.

USC has two of the biggest games of their season in front of their home crowd in 2012.  USC battles for Pac-12 supremacy when they play the Oregon Ducks on November 3.  USC then squares off against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a classic rivalry on November 24.  USC is touted to be a contender in 2012, yet it is puzzling that their ticket prices have dropped after they have served their NCAA violation.  USC was hit with a two-year suspension from bowl games and scholarship cuts. USC was found guilty of bribing both football and basketball players, most noteably Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo.

There is great pressure, expectation, and skepticism swirling around the Coliseum.  Matt Barkley is a premiere quarterback, but are the Trojans championship worthy?  These lowered prices may also speak to the strength of Oregon and Notre Dame this season.  Regardless of the cause for lowered ticket prices, this is an ideal time to see the Trojans fight on!

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2012 USC Football Tickets and Home Schedule

2012 USC Football Schedule Date Price Range
Hawaii at USC Football Tickets 9/1/12 $53 – $420
California at USC Football Tickets 9/22/12 $68 – $450
Colorado at USC Football Tickets 10/20/12 $38 – $395
Oregon at USC Football Tickets 11/3/12 $116 – $1411
Arizona St at USC Football Tickets 11/10/12 $35 – $490
Notre Dame at USC Football Tickets 11/24/12 $136 – $950
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