2012 College Football Preview

College Football begins August 30 and is sure to be another stellar season.  There are a multitude of games that pop out on the schedule.  Here is an inside look at ticket prices for the upcoming season.  



Average tickets price: $120, 28% less than the average NFL ticket

Average tickets price of Top 32: $172, 2% more than the average NFL ticket

Most expensive home team: Alabama Crimson Tide ($339), 14% more than the second most expensive (Ohio State), 10% less than the most expensive NFL team (Green Bay Packers)

Cheapest home team: Kent State Golden Flashes ($19)

Most expensive road team: Michigan Wolverines ($451), 33% more than the most expensive home team, 52% more than the second most expensive road team

Cheapest road team: Maine Black Bears ($14)

Most expensive game: Michigan at Alabama ($582), 385% more than the average college football tickets price ($462 more per ticket)

Cheapest game: Towson at Kent State ($10)

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