Top Ten Tickets for the Week of June 18



10. Spider-Man the Musical

The smash hit play that has left five people injured before its official opening in June 2011 makes it to the number 10 spot in the most sought after tickets based on average ticket price. Spider-Man the Musical tickets sell on an average for $203, which is a great deal considering U2 frontmen Bono and the Edge composed and wrote the music and lyrics. The Broadway spectacular has been nominated twice for Tony Awards for its visuals. With the release of the newly rebooted Spiderman movies, no one can get enough of the web slinger. Come to the Foxwoods Theatre in Manhattan and get the chance to view your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

9. One Direction

What’s better than looking at good-looking and talented British pop heartthrobs perform live? Watching them live at a lower price! At over a hundred dollars savings than last week, One Direction tickets move from last week’s number five to this week’s number nine spot (Roger Waters is a hard act to follow). Tickets for the North American portion of the group’s Up All Night Tour average $212. Watch as the 20-something-year-olds from across the pond attempt a new British Invasion. After placing third on the original U.K. version of the X Factor in 2010, the group has found international success almost instantly. Fans will have another chance next year when the London boys hold another world tour.

8. War Horse

The dramatic play set in World War I has gained international fame after premiering in 2007 in London’s famous West End. War Horse tickets are the second most sought after theatre tickets on this list. At an average price of $229, tickets for the play based on the novel of the same name are also the most sought after off-Broadway tickets. Watch as the dramatic war play tours across North America in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto. War Horse has won five Tony Awards including Best Play and Best Direction of a Play. The success of the novel and play has also led an on-screen adaptation, which has one multiple Academy Award nominations.

7. Celine Dion

Very few artists are recognized by their first name alone, and Celine Dion is one of those artists, and what better title for her Las Vegas show than simply Celine. The French-Canadian pop idol’s Las Vegas show has been declared the best show in North America in 2011. Ms. Dion has moved up one spot on the top-ten list, but Celine Dion tickets are $235 on average, a $6 dollar savings from last week. Fans have plenty of time to view the diva live as she will be performing at the famous casino until 2014 for 70 performances a year. Since the rerelease of the movie Titanic, a new generation of music listeners is introduced to the powerful voice of Celine Dion.

6. Roger Waters

Hey you. Roger Waters is performing in the northeastern United States, and Canada. Roger Waters tickets make it to number six on the list of most sought after tickets with an average price of $238. The Pink Floyd founder is considered by many as the best singer-songwriter alive today. With hits like “Comfortably Numb,” “The Wall,” and many more, this is one concert that makes you wish you were here. After leaving the famous English group in 1985, the rock and roll hall of famer embarked on a successful solo career, and briefly reunited with the group in 2005 at a charity concert. Get out of your local planetarium’s Laser Floyd show, turn off your Dark Side of the Moon album playing simultaneously with the Wizard of Oz, and come enjoy living rock legend Roger Waters’ concerts as they hit North America.

5. Kenny Chesney

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney moves up to number five on the list this week with tickets for the Brothers of Sun of the Sun Tour selling for $291 on average. That’s a $12 dollar increase from last week, and it’s not shocking considering Chesney and his band aren’t performing alone on this tour. Fellow country superstar Tim McGraw is also co-headlining the tour, as the Brothers of the Sun tour dates reach large stadiums all over the United States. Watch as the boys from Tennessee rock out with other artists like Grace Potter and Jake Owen. The star studded tour is sure to be one of the summer’s most amazing and fun events, so get your tickets now before they go up even further.

4. Van Halen

Van Halen keep their number four spot from last week as Van Halen ticket prices average $321, going down $16 dollars from last week. Sorry Sammy Hagar fans, but this is one of the best Van Halen lineups to tour in years.A Different Kind of Truth Tourfeatures David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, and Alex Van Halen from the original lineup. Along with Eddie’s son and Alex’s nephew Wolfgang Van Halen playing bass, this makes it one of the most rocking family acts to electrify fans all across North America. The group has postponed the last half of their tour to take a break from the nonstop touring. Fans in the southwestern United States lucked out with the group finishing off their tour for the summer in California, Arizona, and Texas. Van Halen fans everywhere else should pay close attention as new A Different Kind of Truth tour dates are announced.

3. The Book of Mormon

The multiple-award winning musical The Book of Mormon remains at the number three spot on the list of most sought after tickets based on average price. As the critically-acclaimed musical is getting ready to embark on its U.S. fall tour, Book of Mormon tickets in New York are still a hot commodity. Average prices for the comedic musical sell for $352, down almost $40 dollars from last week. It is the top Broadway musical to make it on the list. The masterminds behind South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker made their huge debut on Broadway with their critically acclaimed religious satire musical in 2011. The show has won nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical.The Book of Mormon will be a main stay in Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre, but will tour the country in late 2012 and in London in 2013.

2. Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels tickets make it to number two this week on the most sought after tickets based on average ticket price with an average price of $544 dollars. Summer in Los Angeles will get more heated as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim take on cross-town rivals Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend. Before the epic Freeway Series commences, the Angels still have to face the San Francisco Giants. The Los Angeles Angels are in second place in the American League’s Western division with only five games behind the defending American League champions Texas Rangers. Watch as the Albert Pujols and the boys go up against the top two teams of the National League’s Western Division.

1. Miami Heat 

As of this writing, the Miami Heat lead the series 2-1, and with a game six in Oklahoma an uncertainty, Miami Heat tickets knock Oklahoma City Thunder tickets out of the number one spot. At an average price of $860, more than $300 dollars than average Los Angeles Angels tickets, South Beach is the place to be this NBA season. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are seeking redemption from last year’s playoff defeat, and they are taking it out on NBA finals debutantes Oklahoma City. With game four and five in Miami, the Heat are looking to close the series at home, but Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden are looking to spoil the Heat’s second NBA Championship. Oklahoma needs to win Tuesday or Thursday to guarantee a return to Chesapeake Energy Arena, and a possible return to the top spot for OKC Thunder tickets, but James and the Heat are not looking to go down easy. With huge stars in James and Wade, and growing stardom in Durant and Westbrook, this is one of the hottest and most electrifying NBA finals ever, no pun intended.

Top Ten Events Nationwide Avg Price
Miami Heat Tickets $860.60
Los Angeles Angels Tickets $544.65
The Book of Mormon Tickets $352.31
Van Halen Tickets $321.41
Kenny Chesney Tickets $291.31
Roger Waters Tickets $238.69
Celine Dion Tickets $235.12
War Horse Tickets $229.56
One Direction Tickets $212.79
Spider-Man the Musical Tickets $203.40
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