Top 10 Sports Plays of the Week

Baseball is back and it has filled up our top 10 sports plays of the week! Check out our list of the best plays from MLB Opening Day, NBA, and NHL! (*Note: MLB doesn’t allow people to embed videos into blog posts. Sucks, we know. So for all MLB highlights, click on the link and it’ll take you to the video on the MLB website.)

10. Clayton Kershaw Escapes a Base-Loaded Jam

9. Chris Paul Fake Pass

8. Cameron Maybin Home Run on Opening Day

7. Matt Kemp Home Run on Opening Day

6. Austin Jackson’s Walkoff Win

5. Dirk Notwizki’s Game Winner

4. Blake Griffin’s Series of Dunks on Pau Gasol

3. Derek Roy’s OT Game Winner

2. Kobe’s Series of Clutch Shots throughout the Week

(Since we don’t have room to post all of them, here’s the one against the Clippers :D)

1. JP Arencibia Home Run in the 16th Inning


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