Super Bowl 2012 Performances

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is more than just a football game. It’s a spectacle, and the musical performances and commercials are always highly anticipated leading up to Sunday and much discussed in the weeks after. Here’s a recap of the best (and worst) of yesterday’s non-game entertainment:


Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem: It was certainly fitting having America’s first Idol perform our most patriotic song. Kelly proved that her career is far from over by delivering an amazing rendition of the anthem. Rocking new blunt bangs that got almost as much buzz as her performance, she sounded incredible while hitting every single note. And unlike performers in years past, she had no trouble remembering all the words. The fact that we even need to mention that is a sad fact in itself, but that’s a different story. The moment was even more powerful when the camera cut to live video feed of soldiers watching the performance from Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Overall, an A performance to start off the day.

Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert dueting on “America the Beautiful”: It’s one thing to even get the chance to perform at a Super Bowl, but to get the opportunity to sing there with your spouse? That’s something else. Country’s hottest couple delivered a solid performance of the patriotic song, neither overpowering the other (unless you count Miranda’s eye-catching hot pink microphone). The coaches and players were caught on camera singing along, and the camera cut back again to Afghanistan. Country musicians, soldiers, and the entire stadium being filled with red, white, and blue–you can’t get more patriotic than that.

Madonna halftime show: I was pretty disappointed with Madonna’s actual performance. The stage setup was incredible, all the special effects were mind-blowing, and the costumes and dancing were unreal. Nicki Minaj and CeeLo Green were good additions to the show (LMFAO was just random), and the acrobat doing flips on the wire was insane. Madonna herself got lost among all this production, and missed out on a chance to really showcase her talent. MIA’s controversial flipping off of the camera is taking most of the attention from Madonna in the post-show discussions. There were so many moments when Madonna’s face and movements just looked AWKWARD. I was cringing at some points when it looked like she had no idea what she was doing. Overall, I think they could have chosen a different performer, or found a way to make the actual singing stand out more.


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