Death Cab for Cutie – Keys and Codes Remix EP


I am always nervous when a band puts out a remix album as I expect some cheesy techno beats added to the songs that I love. But that’s not the case for the new Death Cab for Cutie remix EP, Keys and Codes (remixes). I love every track from this EP. Each remix takes from the heart of the song and turns it into an indie dance hit. The stand out remix for me is Doors Unlocked and Open (Cut Copy Remix). Cut Copy brings their new wave, electro-style feel to Doors Unlocked and Open and reminds me of something Pet Shop Boys or New Order would put out. This is one remix that I will be spinning on New Year’s Eve and is a must buy for any D.J. The EP is available on iTunes and CD. Now, where is my vinyl copy?


Enrique Robles


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