The Black Keys “El Camino” Album Review

The Black Keys - El Camino Album Review

The Black Keys released their seventh studio recorded album, “El Camino,” on December 2nd, 2011. After seeing much success with their previous album, “Brothers,” The Black Keys solidified a signature sound that mixes old dirty blues and heavy rock. In “Brothers,” the sounds were more blues than anything. In “El Camino,” The Black Keys tapped into their rock roots with hard drums and a heavy electric guitar, with the production help of Danger Mouse, who also assisted the band in other previous albums. Not only did Danger Mouse produced, but he also helped the band write the tracks.

Guitarist and vocalist, Dan Auerbach, provided deep riff-driven guitar sounds while adding his signature blues voice to each track, while drummer and producer, Patrick Carney, contributed hard-style drum sounds. With the help of Danger Mouse, “El Camino” proves to have a consistent and unique sound that pays homage to old 50’s and 60’s rock.

The lyrics were normal and typical of the Keys’ writing style. Each song provided a story that gives listeners some sort of perception of an average person. It was always in the strength of The Black Keys to illustrate a picture that many people can relate to. The only downfall in “El Camino” is that there are barely any memorable choruses that listeners can establish and sing to.

Overall, “El Camino” puts listeners on a journey of old American rock. The Black Keys provided their fans hard and deep sounds throughout and nostalgic rock listeners will appreciate what the band has done in attempt to resurrect a sound that was lost.

Rating: 8.5/10

Below is the first single from “El Camino” by The Black Keys, titled “Lonely Boy.”
Video via Youtube user: theblackkeys


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